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Become a Friend of the Stratford Concert Band!

It is our mission to provide a wide range of exciting and thought provoking inspirational music.  What can be unknown to some is the financial cost of bringing the music we love to life! If you love to hear our band and would love to continue to hear us perform, please consider becoming a "Friend of the Stratford Concert Band".

Tax Deductible donations are available for our Friend's. To become a "Friend of the Stratford Concert Band" provide your name, address, city, postal code, and telephone number and make your contribution payable to:

Make a small donation here:
Music Sheets

Stratford Concert Band

PO Box 25054

RPO Huron Street

Stratford, ON

N5A 0B4

Email our Treasurer Steve Gruchy with any questions:


To donate a custom amount, donate through e-transfer as well at

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